The Bancroft School Redevelopment Plan
In light of the completion of negotiations and the signing of the Letter of Intent among Bancroft, the Board of Education, and the Borough, the Commissioners have authorized the release of the October 2005 appraisal performed on the Bancroft property.  The appraisal is now available for public review on this website under the Documents/Resources tab.

It should be noted that this appraisal is now seven years old and has no legal validity. It was based upon the R-2 residential zoning previously established which restricted development to single-family homes on lot sizes of 20,000 square feet (approximately ½ acre).  It ignored the potential for other uses. The appraisal also took into account the COAH requirements in effect at the time.  However it should be noted that the 20,000 square feet lot size is not a typical lot size for affordable housing or for housing in the Borough generally. At the time, the appraiser noted that any changes to these assumptions would impact the estimated market value of the property assigned in the appraisal.    

A joint meeting between the Board of Education and the Commissioners is slated to take place February 6th at 7:00 pm in the All Purpose Room of Central Elementary School to discuss a proposal by the BOE for usage of the Bancroft Parcel. The school board has proposed to purchase the Bancroft Parcel for future use and will further detail this proposal during this presentation to the Commissioners.
Wednesday, October 19, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. in the Borough Hall Auditorium - the purpose of this meeting is so that the Board of Education can present to the Board of Commissioners a proposal for the use of the Bancroft Property for open space (active and passive), school and community purposes, plus any other items that may be necessary.

The Borough requested its redevelopment counsel, Ed McManimon, to undertake an analysis of the costs and tax impact involved in acquiring the Bancroft Site and developing it for active and passive open space and recreation. Click here to view this memo and analysis, which will be presented at the Commissioner’s meeting on September 27th.  It is not intended as a proposal by the Borough, nor has it been in any way committed to by the Borough’s Commissioners.  The intent is to provide certain assumptions as to costs so that a real evaluation of pursing this option can be considered; and any changes to the assumptions can be considered by analyzing the tax impact of such changes.

The Haddonfield Planning Board has scheduled a meeting for Tuesday, July 12 at 7:30 p.m. at the borough hall auditorium to discuss the redevelopment of the Bancroft School Site.

The Fiscal Impact Report has been posted to this website on the "Documents/Resources" page. It is preliminary and subject to refinement during the weeks ahead.  It contains the information which was presented to the Planning Board and the public at the special Planning Board meeting of June 16, 2011 along with the background factors and calculations on which the presentation was based.  As revisions are made to the analysis we will post them to the website.

The power point presentation which guided the discussion of the Bancroft site redevelopment alternatives at the June 15th Planning Board meeting has been posted to the website, on the “Meetings” and “Documents/Resources” pages.  Thanks to all those who attended and shared their perceptions of the respective plans!  For those who were not able to attend, there will be a follow up meeting of the Planning Board by the middle of July to further review the concept plans.  It is likely a vote may be taken on the alternatives at the July meeting; if so, the results will be forwarded to the Commissioners for their consideration and future action.

A special Planning Board Meeting has been scheduled for June 15, 2011 at 7:30pm in the Borough Hall Auditorium. During this meeting the three alternative conceptual redevelopment plans will be presented and discussed. Everyone interested in the process should attend the meeting to see the alternative conceptual redevelopment plans.
The guiding principles for the Redevelopment Plan have been posted to the website. These principles are based upon public input received at the various stakeholder meetings and the Open House, as well as our own assessment of principles that will ensure that the redeveloped site contributes positively to the Borough’s historic and neighborhood character and quality of life. See the Documents/Resources page of this website (right side under Current Redevelopment Plan Process Documents) to view them!
Lots of new information has been posted to the website! Check out the Documents/Resources page for site maps and check out the Meetings pages for information about the results of the Stakeholder meetings and Open House.